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What Is A Fishing Charter?


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What is a Fishing Charter?

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A fishing charter means hiring a fishing boat. Charters are usually for a half day, or for a full day. A half day charter is usually four hours, a full day’s charter is for eight hours. Charters can also be by the hour. Usually they are scheduled well in advance, and require that a portion of the charter fee be paid in advance as a non-refundable deposit. Some charters are made through booking agents, and some directly with a captain.

There are several kinds of charters: party boat charters, group charters and private charters. Party boats mean a larger number of people, not that the boat is a floating bar. Party boats may carry 40 or more people (the Coast Guard determines the number a boat can safely carry). Party charters are for fishing, and “party” does not mean a floating bar. Group charters are usually just that, for groups, who might be friends, family or co-workers. Group charters typically carry between 6 and 15 or so people. Private charters are often on smaller boats that carry maybe 6; these boats are faster and reach fishing areas sooner.

Charters are usually for specific kinds of fishing. It’s much more than motoring out to the Gulf Stream or somewhere in a Fishing Charter West Palm Beach and dropping a baited line in the water. You have to board, become familiar with safety features, and reach the fishing areas. Half the charter time may be getting there and coming back. You hire the boat and the captain’s expertise. Captains know what fishing is best, and where, at any time of year. East coast Florida charters often seek kingfish, grouper or sailfish. There are different methods of fishing, including trolling and kite fishing. The costs include license, bait and use of tackle.

The booking agent or the charter website will advise you on proper clothing and what to bring with you. Because charters are set well in advance of the date, there is a possibility that weather may alter plans. Learn more here for additional information.

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