Palm Beach Zoo

Are you looking for something interesting to do that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and perhaps see some local, regional, and worldwide wildlife, as well?  If so, then perhaps a visit to the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society is the right adventure for you.  An afternoon spent at the zoo can be filled with funny animal antics, yummy snacks, learning opportunities, and relaxation.

Interestingly enough, the Palm Beach Zoo was originally built on land that was destroyed by a significant hurricane in 1928.  Prior to that time, the land was a mix of campground living and landfill space.  This unique area was named after a Parks Superintendent, Paul Dreher, in 1957.  Mr. Dreher organized a petting zoo in Dreher Park for visitors to enjoy.  His first animals included one goat, one goose, two chickens, and two ducks.  This petting zoo eventually became the Dreher Park Zoo.

In 1969, with the animal population of this local zoo steadily climbing, the Palm Beach Zoo was founded, and was otherwise called the Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches. Some of the other first animal inhabitants included; a creatively escapee kangaroo named “Joey”, an Asian elephant named “Toppie”, a celebrity-like black bear named “Hammer”, a Bengal tiger named “Princess”, two pygmy hippos named “Zelda” and “Henrietta”, and a Florida panther named “Colin”. There were, and still are, a number of other types of animals that live in the Palm Beach Zoo, but these particular residents helped to build the reputation of the zoo, itself.

If you would like to visit the zoo, it is located at 1301 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach. The zoo consists of 23 acres of land, and even though it is much smaller than some other, better-known zoos, you will not be disappointed with the number of animals that you can see relatively closely or bask in the variety of animals that are on display. It was recently estimated that the Palm Beach Zoo is home to about 550 animals. The zoo is open every day of the year, except Thanksgiving and Christmas from 9am-5pm.

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