Palm Beach Top Restuarants

Whether you live in the Palm Beach area, or your visiting the area, you have a wondrous mix of restaurants from which to choose while you are there. Choices abound with almost any flavor combination you can imagine. There are options for steakhouses, seafood, burger bars, pizza joints, and themed restaurants, such as; Italian, Mediterranean, and Mexican foods. Whatever you are in the mood for, you should have no problem finding just the right cuisine that will please your palate. Below you will find a few highlighted restaurants in the Palm Beach area that deserve a little extra special attention, especially if the mood strikes you to venture in to one of them.

French-focused restaurants may see some competition, in the Palm Beach area, with two very strong contenders; Cafe Boulud and Pistache French Bistro (actually located in West Palm Beach). Café Boulud is well-known for their multi-course meals that offer a remarkable seafood spread, among other varieties. An assortment of seafoods such as; scallops, salmon, oysters, mussels, and caviar await the seafood enthusiast. While Pistache French Bistro also offers multiple seafood options, they specialize in an assortment of gourmet cheeses, beef and chicken options, fresh-made soups and sandwiches, and a fantastic Brunch menu.

If an Italian flair is more interesting to you, then a visit to Renato’s is well worth your effort. Since Renato’s opened in 1987, they have experienced a steady stream of growth and a dedicated following of customers. They offer a wide variety of Italian-themed dishes on their menu, and they have a lovely outdoor seating area, within a courtyard that adds to the welcoming ambiance of this fine place.

Tapas bars are also very popular with today’s eating crowds, and one place you should try is the Avocado Grill. This establishment has won many different awards over the past few years, since it opened in 2014; perhaps the most prestigious award is the Palm Beach Post’s Critics Choice Awards in 2017 for the Best Weekend Brunch restaurant. Farm-to-table specialties, seasonal specialties, fresh sushi, and a lovely indoor/outdoor seating environment add to the beauty of this unique restaurant.

As you can see, your choices are wide when it comes to finding a good place to dine in the Palm Beach area. In addition, not only do you have a lot of variety, but you also have some really interesting and delectable places to visit and taste their fine offerings. You are in for quite a treat! Bon Appetite!

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