My Trip To West Palm Beach

Wow, South Florida has so much to offer and so many things to see and do! All the while, people in the area tend to savor in a relaxed atmosphere, as they bask in the warm sun and the lazy, beach-like days. In particular, West Palm Beach was my place of interest on a recent trip, and I had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful, unique area.

One highlight that I must mention, was my visit to the Henry Flagler Museum and Whitehall Mansion.  Opulence and extravagance are the words that come to mind when I think of the days when railroad entrepreneur, Henry Flagler, settled in the Palm Beach/West Palm Beach area. From the marble entrance to the spectacular landscape, this stop will be etched on my mind for quite a long time.

 Snorkeling along the banks of Peanut Island was also very peaceful, inviting, and memorable. Peanut Island is located in the Lake Worth Inlet and encompasses approximately 79 acres. The natural beauty is breathtaking and I languished my afternoon away as I enjoyed the refreshing waters and local marine life.

 West Palm Beach has such a variety of things to do. They have mouth-watering restaurants (like my favorite, the Avocado Grill), great shopping, brilliant scenery, and the beautiful surroundings that help a person keep everything in perspective. After all, life is simply too short to take everything too seriously, don’t you agree? 

When you feel you’ve exhausted the coastal-life enough, then there are botanical gardens (Mounts Botanical Garden, for example) close-by for you to enjoy, as well as many theaters where you can enjoy plays, concerts, and other performance-type happenings. There are also museums available for those that seek the indoors, such as; the Norton Museum of Art, the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, and the Palm Beach Maritime Museum. Also they have the best fishing charters, my favorite is Slob City Charters.

Yes, West Palm Beach was, and is, a truly remarkable place. As with any location, it’s probably easy for locals to take certain things for granted, but from my vacation-like mentality that I had while I was recently there visiting, it was a place of calm, relaxation, and peace. If only we could pack up that laid-back feeling and put it in a box, it could be shipped all over the world for those that seek the same tranquil feeling.

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