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Saltwater fishing with Captain Carl is going to maximize your chances for some memorable fish. There are no guarantees, but a good captain knows what fish are biting at specific times of the year, where they are and how to catch them. Captain Carl has extensive experience fishing in these waters. If you are new to some kinds of fishing, Captain Carl and the mate can show you how to do it. There are three kinds of fishing you are most likely to do off his Fishing Charter: trolling, bottom fishing over a reef or wreck, and kite fishing.

Trolling is fishing as the boat is moving. Multiple rods and lines are used, with outriggers that spread the lines and prevent them from tangling. Trolling is common when sailfish or wahoo are targeted, and also for mackerel and kingfish. Trolling is the classic method of sport fishing.

Bottom fishing is done as the boat is anchored or drifting. Bottom dwelling fish are most likely going to be found in and near reefs, wrecks and other bottom features. The depths fished may be fifty to several hundred feet. Desirable bottom fish include various species of grouper, perhaps most notably the goliath grouper, which can get huge.

Kite fishing is exactly what it says, fishing with the aid of kites. The kites are kept in the air by the sea breeze. Two kites are usual, with each kite suspending one or more lines, using live bait. The fishing rigs are complicated, but kite fishing can produce some big fish, including sailfish, kingfish, tuna and dolphin. The kites keep the bait near the surface. One theory is that the kites resemble seabirds, which the large predator fish associate with swarms of baitfish.

Whatever method of fishing you prefer, or would like to learn, a charter fishing trip with Slob City Fishing Charters is an experience you will remember.

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