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Your fishing trip begins with you or someone in your family becoming interested in fishing. Not just in fishing, but in saltwater fishing off Florida’s East Coast. You’ll do some research online and you’ll find an outfit with the intriguing name of Slob City charters. You’ll do some more research, and find the charter is run by highly rated Captain Carl.

So what are you in for? You’ll have a date in mind, and then contact Captain Carl to discuss fishing. You’ll make a deposit to reserve your date.

But where will you fish and what fish will you catch? There is no guarantee that some big ones will bite, but an experienced charter captain knows what fish are in season, and where to find them. You’ll be traveling out to deeper waters. This is saltwater fishing, and it’s a lot different than dropping a baited hook in a trout stream.

So what kind of fishing will you do? That depends on the season and the kind of fish you want to catch. You might want to troll for mackerel or kingfish. In a troll the boat uses outriggers to spread the lines and avoid tangles, and moves slowly. You might want to bottom fish, over a reef, for grouper. You might want to try kite fishing, which uses a kite trailed behind the boat to carry a line, in a quest for billfish or sailfish.

The captain will advise you on what to wear—it’s going to be sunny and cool and maybe wet out there. You don’t have to know a lot about fishing. The charter will provide the bait and the fishing equipment that you will need, and the captain and mate will teach you how to use it.

Your fishing trip will end with a tired but happy family. You may not have caught some big fish. But you will catch some good memories.

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Slob City Charters
Slob City Charters
Slob City Charters
Slob City Charters

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